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Hey y'all! I'm Nicole Schmitz, owner and creator of Nicole Schmitz Studio. I grew up in the beautiful North Myrtle Beach, SC, and find myself painting its colorful pastel skies and waters more often than anything else. I have a deep rooted love for the sandy shores of the Carolina coast, but find myself incorporating my equal love for the mountains and midlands of the state in my newer pieces. This state is my home, and I hope to bring its natural beauty into yours.

I've found some new forms of inspiration- painting in person on one of the most special days of people's lives- their wedding day. Live wedding painting has become a "must-have" addition to weddings, and I am honored to be chosen to be present! These most treasured memories are captured on a canvas to keep for years and years- and even more special knowing the painting was created at your wedding!

After attending the University of South Carolina, I now reside in Columbia, SC, with my husband and 7 rescue kitties (yes, 7. I'm crazy, I know). By day, I’m in marketing for a local physical therapy company, and at night I escape to my studio to paint. To me, I have one of the best jobs in the world- I get to create little pieces of beauty to add into this world.

Thank you so much for visiting my studio, and I would be honored to be chosen to create your next treasured painting. 

Love always, 


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