I would like a custom piece. How do I go about ordering one?
Yay! I would LOVE to create a special painting for your home! Head to the commission tab for more information on pricing, sizes, and the general process. Availability depends on current projects, so please make sure if it is for a gift giving holiday (i.e. Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.) I will have an influx of inquires and booking is first come, first serve.  
Do you offer prints of your work?
Yes! I certainly do. At this time, I only show smaller prints on the website, but I do have the ability to order larger prints. Please contact me if there is a piece of artwork you like and would like it as a print. I can also order prints on canvases and add paint accents to make it look as if it were an original painting!
Do you offer framing? 
Yes I do! I use an art wholesaler for frames, so the costs can range from $30-$150 typically, depending on the size. Please e-mail me if interested in framing. 
Do you only do wedding or engagement photos for commission paintings? 
No! I can do anything you would like. I can even take elements from multiple photographs to create a memory piece that you specifically want. I don't believe single photographs always show the full story or feeling from a moment,  so let's work together to get that feeling transpired into your custom piece. 
What mediums do you work with? 
I am most comfortable with acrylics on stretched canvas or acrylic paper, but I have had training in watercolor as well. I do not use oil paints at this time. 
I have a deadline but you are not available for that time. How can I still get a custom painting?
I completely get it- your anniversary snuck up on you and you need a painting by a specific day. Life happens! I can offer expedited ordering, but it will be a 20% of the final order total charge. This charge is necessary because I will have to pause working on other client's paintings in order to get the expedited piece out by the deadline. 
I like a painting under the "art" tab, but I want a different size/it is sold out. What options do I have?
If there is a piece I have created previously that either is sold out or you would like a different size, this 
would fall under commissions. I am happy creating a new piece for you, but it will not be an exact replica of the original painting. I will  do my best to take the elements you loved from the original and apply them into your piece. 

If I am in the South Carolina area, can I get my painting in person?
Yes! I work across the state and often visit Rock Hill, Myrtle Beach, and Charleston areas. I reside in Columbia. I would love to meet you!

All paintings and prints are final sale. If anything is damaged upon arrival, please let me know as soon as possible. I want you to be 100% happy with your painting and will do whatever I can to mitigate the damage. 

My canvas is slightly dented after taking it out of the packaging, what do I do?

There is actually a very simple fix! Canvases are resilient, and often due to the tight packaging for their long journey to your home, they may incur some denting. All that is needed to fix it is some warm tap water! I recommend checking out this website for the full instructions on how to fix them > https://www.jacksonsart.com/blog/2019/10/22/removing-dents-in-stretched-canvas/

Please feel free to contact nicoleschmitzstudio@gmail.com or use the form below for any questions for concerns.