Signature Cocktail Commissions

It’s no secret that I love a good cocktail- whether it be painting one of drinking it! So I am now offering custom paintings for your wedding to add to your bar for your signature cocktails, or whatever fun idea you might have!

I am also offering commissions if your day has passed and you would like to adorn your home bar with custom pieces that commemorate your wedding day. 

Pricing below is only for cocktail commissions! Turnaround time is 4-8 weeks. Shipping is not included. Please email to begin commissioning process. 

5x7” (1 drink)- $80

6x6” (1 drink)- $80

8x8” (1-2 drinks) - $110

8x10” (1-3 drinks) - $130

9x12” (2-3 drinks) - $150

11x14” (2-4 drinks)- $170

12x16” (3-5 drinks) - $200