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Nicole Schmitz Studio

27th Ave South

27th Ave South

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30x20" canvas, 3/4 inch depth

North Myrtle Beach is simple- you have a beach access at nearly every avenue, and they all stem out from Main Street (1st Ave). If you go south to the next beach access, you'll end up at 2nd Ave South, but if you go north, you'll be at 2nd Ave North, and so on. As kids we would have our favorite spots, whether it be 8th Ave North, 6th Ave South, or 27th Ave South- each had it's own characteristics and different activities were done at each. This piece is inspired by the many days I spent at the south end, 27th Ave South to be exact. I had a lot of surfer friends (I was never good at it myself, but I did try a few times) that I loved to meet up with, and it was definitely the most laid back access. We would often go just as the sun was setting and they would be gearing up to skim board, and that's where I drew the inspiration for this painting. To me it reminds me of innocence and those late summer nights- something I'll never forget.

All canvases are varnished using a gloss finish to preserve the colors and give UV protection. I do not offer framing at this time. If you live in the Columbia, Myrtle Beach, or Charleston areas, you can inquire about local delivery options. 

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